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You have already taken the first step toward overcoming speech challenges associated with Parkinson’s disease. Here is where you’ll find the information you need to overcome these obstacles.

Many people with Parkinson’s suffer from a loss of control in their speech and swallowing skills. The Parkinson Voice Project, instituted by Samantha Elandary, has developed a program called SPEAK OUT to improve speech and communication skills.  This program focuses on “intent”, simply understood as concentrating on the oral functions that drive these abilities.

TTI therapists have become certified in this methodology of therapy treatment.

We are now taking appointments to begin implementing this program. All sessions will be done over Zoom video conference.

The therapy process follows three steps:

  1. Educating patients and their families during a Parkinson’s Information Session.
  2. The patient and a certified Speech Language Pathologist, along with a graduate student, will  work together for twelve individual sessions to complete speech, voice and cognitive exercises using a specialized workbook. This stage is referred to as “Speak Out!” These sessions will work on improving your  your speech, swallowing and cognitive skills by using intent. Upon completion of Speak Out! patients transition to the “The LOUD Crowd.”
  3. The LOUD Crowd consists of weekly group sessions where the Speak Out! exercises are performed and participants practice speaking with intent. The LOUD Crowd provides accountability, camaraderie, education and support.

Patients will receive all of the above services for only $600.00 due to a grant from the Parkinson Voice Project.

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We look forward to helping you achieve success!

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