TTI taught me what it means to be a sincere, dedicated, and caring teacher inside and outside the classroom. The endless amount of patience and concern each supervisor, professor, and mentor has towards each individual TTI student reminds me of shining stars that constantly rest in the sky. My professors, mentors, and supervisors who helped me along my journey of pursuing a degree in special education were visible in the classroom, but their influence and support extended well beyond our Sunday classes. TTI has taught me to be that shining star when I embark on my journey of educating the youth of today’s generation in my very own classroom.

- Ettil Weiss

B"H, I completed the course. It was an interesting and full course with a lot of work.  I learned a lot and it will definitely help me with my students in the future.

- Henoch W., Bilingual Extension Graduate

TTI’s amazing professors have real life experience as teachers, directors, and administrators, which allowed them to share their expertise with us and teach us the tools to succeed in the special education field.

- Gila Z.

TTI is a great program for students who want to become special educators. The teachers are helpful and the curriculum is relevant and informative. I am so grateful I went to a program that taught me many methods and theories as well as practical hands on learning. I would highly recommend the program to serious students who enjoy learning and making a difference in children's lives.

- Aliza Stern-Ingber

I graduated from TTI's Special Education program and received an incredible education and knowledge in the field. The fieldwork and content were clear and defined well, the coursework was organized, and the assignments were relevant. Most important, the program was professional.

- Chevy Gershonowitz, Class of 2018

Many of our dedicated teachers are getting their Masters through TTI. They tell me how much they are learning, and how practical it is...they learned something on Sunday, and implemented it on Monday! Thank you for providing our teachers with an excellent education, so we can continue making a difference in the education of the children that we service.

- Leah Schwartz, Senior Supervisor, NYC Catapult Learning, LLC

I am a graduate of the TTI COPE accounting program. I'm a CPA licensed in NY and NJ and currently work at Ernst and Young. I'm forever grateful to COPE for providing me with my education in such a positive environment, and guiding me with the tools to continue in my career!

- Rochel Szanzer, Class of 2009

Suri is a top notch advisor! She gave me good service, she advised me on anything I needed help with and even advised me on things I didn't ask her about. She always returned my emails and calls right away and was extremely caring and encouraging. If "5 is the highest grade" I can give an advisor then I give a 100. I'm not over exaggerating, she really was amazing. Thanks a lot.

- Graduate, Class of 2019

I joined the program to pursue my interest in education, but I am leaving with a passion to help children succeed. I am excited to begin my work in the field of special education. Many thanks!

- Shayna S.

TTI gave me the opportunity to become a professional in accordance with my values, in an area where my passion lies. The amazing programs they offered set me in the right direction for a lifelong journey of learning.

- Yoel T. Trieger

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