Student Updates

December 2023

Updated on November 30, 2022

Important Policy Updates for Excelsior Students

  • TAL/CIS no longer sends transcripts to Excelsior University after each exam.

    When you need a TAL or CIS transcript sent to Excelsior, your TTI advisor can request it for you.

  •  Beginning February 12, 2024, these two requirements will be going into effect

    In order for admitted students to be officially enrolled, you must register for an Excelsior course within the next two 8-week terms following the term in which you were admitted. You must stay enrolled in the course beyond the cancellation period, which ends on day 15 of the term.

    Students in all degree programs with the exception of Liberal Arts students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in Excelsior courses. This means that you cannot miss more than two consecutive 8-week terms or one 15-week term. Please be in touch with your advisor to schedule your required Excelsior courses accordingly.

    For Liberal Arts students, the prior admission and enrollment policy regarding credit accumulation remains in effect.

  • Excelsior University is not allowed to share student information with TTI without the student’s express written authorization. If you have not already done so, please complete a privacy release form and email it to to ensure that TTI can best meet your needs.

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A TTI education means it’s a degree earned in a way you can be proud of.

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