Video Editing
Career School Certificate Program

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Video Editing

Career School Certificate Program

September 12, 2021
October 10, 2021
5 months

Video editing is for those who seek to create new content in a medium that grasps the viewer’s attention like no other medium can. The printed word can convey meaning, and a photograph can display beauty, but a well-made video can dramatically and quickly do both of those jobs and more. Video editing is the process of creating sleek, entertaining and inspiring videos and films by capturing and creating combinations until you have produced your final product.

Video editors work in various areas such as creating commercials, corporate videos, event videos and wedding videos.


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Advanced Video Editing

Career School Certificate Program

March 14, 2021
April 25, 2021
7 weeks

Amazing Opportunity!

Advance your video editing skills from the comfort of your own home. Join TTI Careers’ New Online Advanced Video Editing course. In this 7 week course you will receive training from licensed, experienced and award winning instructors.

You will learn:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • The process of post-production video
  • Multimedia effects
  • Client presentation & building a strong portfolio

Prior training in Premier Pro is required.

Program Features:

  • Affordable and convenient class times.
  • Online program for men and women (separate) with some in-person classes for specific subjects in Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood and other locations.
  • Program is part-time; keep working while you learn.
  • Advisement in building your career.

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