Israel Study Abroad

Join TTI’s Israel Study Abroad program and start on your college degree while enjoying your year in Israel. Receive academic advisement and guidance from a TTI advisor dedicated to seminary students. Participate in events hosted by TTI in Yerushalayim. Look below and see if your seminary is participating in our program:

Eastwick College Study Abroad Program (NJ residents only)
Ateres, Bais Yaakov Seminar Binas, BJJ, Bnos Avigail, Bnos Batsheva, Bnos Chava, Bnos Sarah, Bnos Yehudis, BYA, Chemdas, Darchei Binah, Hadar, Keser Chaya, Kitov, Sachra, Machon Raaya, Meohr, Mesores Rochel, Nachlas, Nishmas, Pninim, Rinas, Shiras Miriam, Tehilas

Daemen College Study Abroad Program
Bais Chana, Tzfas Binas, BJJ, Bnos Batsheva, Bnos Yehudis, BY Seminar, Chemdas, Hadar, Keser Chaya, Kitov Sachra, Machon Raaya, Mesores Rochel, Nachlas, Pninim, Tehilas

**List is in formation

Financial Aid is available. Read about each program for more information.

If you have questions or would like to speak with TTI about either program, call 877-RING-TTI ext. 5.



New Jersey residents can spend a year studying in Israel

May 31, 2021
Summer 2021
15 months
For Women Only

Students living outside of New Jersey can spend a year learning in Israel

May 31, 2021
Summer 2021
1 1/2 years
Students with a college degree typically earn more than one without.
For Women Only

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