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Earn your psychology degree and take your first step in understanding human behavior.

Earning a degree in psychology is a great way to prepare for a range of different professions. The skills that you acquire during your study of psychology such as analyzing data, communicating complex information, and understanding human behavior are all abilities that are highly valued by employers. This versatile degree prepares you to enter a variety of fields and also gives you the core requirements for many graduate degrees.

Psychology’s focus on human behavior compliments the more technical aspects of business and can lead to careers in management, human resources, and marketing. Psychology is also good preparation for teaching careers. Understanding the psychology of human development helps provide a good foundation for elementary and secondary teachers, and for careers in special education.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, including prerequisites when necessary, one can enter a variety of graduate programs in addition to entering the workforce in many entry level positions.

1 year
This program can be completed in as little as
6 months.
Financial Aid is available for eligible students.
Students who have previous credits will save $50 per credit.
Having a college degree will open doors and opportunities enabling you to earn a higher salary.

Earn your Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 8 steps:

Call admissions and sign up with TTI. Membership to TTI gives students access to academic advisement and all student services.
Get started by speaking with an Academic Advisor (either in person or on the phone, based on your location) to plan your 120-credit degree plan. Earn 60 credits in history, humanities, math, natural sciences, social sciences, and written English and earn 60 credits in electives. Get previous credit evaluated and transferred to Excelsior College (including Seminary and Yeshiva learning) and shorten the time needed to complete your degree.
Your advisor will help you become familiar with the many student services offered at TTI including our unique system of exams, TTI's lending library and testing locations.
Start taking exams. Take as many as you want at your own speed. TTI has testing sites located in 16 locations worldwide. For students who do not live close to a testing site, TTI has private proctors located all over the world.
Follow your degree plan and keep taking exams or courses until you complete your degree.
Remember to speak with your advisor on a regular basis. We suggest at least once a month. Your advisor is available 6 days a week either by phone or e-mail.
Need help with financial aid? Need help with Excelsior College? No problem! Just call your advisor.
Finished? Congratulations! Time to put on that well earned cap and gown and graduate!

Program Features:

  • Demonstrate negotiation skills to use in persuasive and strategic sales situations.
  • Develop educational and training programs, including online, for leadership development and sales environments.
  • Construct and evaluate customer/client analyses, revenue projections, and organizational policies and procedures.
  • Use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena.
  • Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice.
  • Exhibit effective presentation skills in a variety of media for different purposes.
  • Apply psychological content and skills to career goals.

TTI offers this program through its partnership with Excelsior College. Any credit or degrees described here are offered through our partner institution. TTI is not a college or university and does not offer credit bearing courses or degrees in New York State.

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