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The field of Photography is changing every day, with demand for quality images increasing exponentially as our world turns increasingly more visual.

TTI’s Career School is excited to offer Photography for students who are looking for a short program that will provide them with a flexible, artistic career in a creative field.


August 25

Register by:

October 8, 2024

Start date:

November 3, 2024

Course Length:

5 months

Professional Photography is a great option for the detail oriented, tech-savvy student with an artistic eye. This program is perfect for the student who wants to turn her visual flair and technical skills into a lucrative career.

It’s an in-depth course covering the latest techniques in the field. We will focus on equipment, different methods of composition, various lenses, lighting, color temperature and more. And of course, students will learn the fundamental skills to take beautiful photographs of both people and things. Commonly used software will be taught, including Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture 1.

TTI Careers uses a uniquely developed curriculum created to offer our students the most relevant teaching techniques in Photography. You’ll learn the networking, workforce and entrepreneurial skills to develop your Photography career. And ultimately, you’ll come out of this course with your very own portfolio of masterpieces and the know-how to make any moment shine.

Classes Held Live Online

Attend classes conveniently from anywhere! The program is structured for live online learning, ensuring flexibility without compromising the quality of education. Recordings are available for review and instructors are available for questions outside of class time to ensure mastery of the material.

Weekly One-on-one With Instructors

Students will be able to meet privately with teachers on a weekly basis for review.

Use Towards a Degree!

With TTI Careers Professional Photography course, you have the option of earning up to 15 college credits towards a degree. A bachelor’s degree makes you a more appealing hire for prospective employers.

Built-in Flexibility for Yom Tov

Schedule designed around the Yomim Tovim and Jewish calendar.

Learn Career Development Skills

Project management, portfolio building, effective communication, advisement in building your career, and more.

For Women Only

Enjoy learning within a group of like-minded peers.

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday mornings 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Program Tuition:


Tuition is payable in two installments, due on the first day of each semester. Does not include laptop, software and course materials. $100 registration fee applies.

Prior Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED*
*If you don’t have a high school diploma, you may take an “Ability-to-Benefit” test. Please mention this to Admissions staff upon registration so that we may make arrangements for the test within the necessary time frame.

For Women

TTI Careers programs are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Students who take the Professional Photography course will have the opportunity to take College Level Exams through Coopersmith Career Consulting to earn college credits.

To tell a story in images, to capture a mood forever, to showcase perfection—that’s photography. In today’s increasingly visual world, the demand for quality photography is growing. And the applications of this field are equally vast. From food and product photography, to lifestyle and portraits, or even photojournalism, the master photographer creates works of art through his or her lens.

It’s a flexible and competitive field. A photographer can work solo in-studio, or in the thick of things at simchas and social events. There’s opportunity for travel and food styling. It can be an exciting career path—always a happy moment to capture, a new horizon to explore, capturing life in all its full-flavored glory. Those with an eye for detail will do very well here, noticing the small things that make up a beautiful whole.

Photographers work in a range of areas, including commercial, product and portrait settings. They can begin working at an average starting salary of $25 per hour. An experienced photographer can earn over $50,000, while successful photographers can earn over $100,00, depending on the quality of their work. Photographer salaries for job postings in the NY/NJ areas are 36% higher than the national average.

Course Instructors

Shua Klein

As a professional photographer for since 2008, Mr. Klein is recognized as a lighting expert by the photography industry. He has been a professor in the TTI Careers Photography program for many years, and educates photographers of all levels who seek his guidance on photography topics such as technique, lighting, and equipment choices, as well as business and client relations.
He is also a Photoshop expert who can work magic on any photo, and his talents are sought after by busy photographers requiring photo manipulation.
Mr. Klein lives in Brooklyn with his many cameras and extensive lighting setups, as well as his wife and children.

Marko Dashev

Mr. Dashev is a commercial photographer who studied classical art at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, film at Emerson College in Boston, and Photography at School of Visual Arts in NYC. He was trained by, and worked for, many of today’s most famous photographers. Among them are Norman Jean Roy, Gregory Heisler, Matthew Rolston, Brigitte Lacombe, Diego Uchitel, and others. Mr. Dashev started his photography career shooting for fashion brands and magazines in the early 2000s. His clients include such brands as J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Bloomingdale’s, Hugo Boss, Alexander Wang, and DKNY. In addition to fashion/commercial work, his portrait photography includes his recent series consisting of portraits of leading Orthodox Rabbis and outstanding individuals in the Jewish world.

Course Trailer

Sounds intriguing? Check out this sneak peek of our program to learn more.

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