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Earn your Non Profit Management Leadership Certificate

The Non Profit Management Leadership Certificate is ideal for the person who is currently working or seeking to work in the non-profit or public sector. These organizations require employees with project management skills and knowledge coordinating large campaigns. Familiarity with business development, fundraising, human resource management, and organizing a volunteer base are important marketable skills.

Working in conjunction with Capella University, TTI offers a certificate designed around the Graduate Curriculum Guidelines established by the Nonprofit Centers Council (NACC).

Graduates of this certificate can seek employment in schools or Yeshivas, Tzedaka/Chessed/Kiruv organizations, health care organizations, community centers, and government agencies.

1 year
Certification can be completed in as little as 6 months
$21-$35 per hour
According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average hourly earnings of full-time workers in nonprofits is $21.68 per hour. Managers in nonprofits averaged $34.24 per hour.

Earn your Non Profit Management Leadership Certificate in 6 steps:

Call admissions and sign up with TTI. Membership to TTI gives students access to academic advisement and all student services.
Get started by speaking with an Academic Advisor (either in person or on the phone, based on your location.) If you need to earn a bachelor's degree, your academic advisor will map out a degree plan (see Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts for more information.) If you already have a bachelor's degree, you will be advised on the graduate level courses required to complete this certification.
Your advisor will help you become familiar with the many student services offered at TTI including our unique system of exams, TTI's lending library and testing locations. Depending on if you have a bachelor's degree, you may or may not need access to these services.
A good computer and internet connection is required as this certification is fully on-line.
This program is self paced. You can take up to 2 graduate level courses per semester. 4 courses are required for certification.
Upon completion of the coursework, earn your certification and be successful!

Program Features:

  • Self-paced program that will can be done quickly.
  • Certification courses are offered 100% online.
  • The program is open to international students; The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) may be required.

Prior Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree

TTI offers this program through its partnership with Capella College. Any credit or degrees described here are offered through our partner institution. TTI is not a college or university and does not offer credit bearing courses or degrees in New York State.

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