Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants (LDTC)
Post-Master Endorsement Program
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Classes Begin: Oct 01, 2021
Certificate Program
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The Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants (LDTC)  program at Felician University prepares teachers to work in collaboration with other members of a child study team in public schools to determine eligibility for special services. LDTCs also consult with parents, teachers, and other school personnel to provide research-based instructional strategies to assist pupils who are struggling academically. Applicants who have earned a master’s degree in education field (e.g., Special Education or Reading), and who hold a current standard or CEAS teaching certificate, and who have completed three years of successful teaching may apply .

This program meets all State of New Jersey requirements for the LDTC certificate. This is a post-master certification.

Prior Requirements:

  • A master’s degree in education from an accredited college or university.
  • A copy of standard or CEAS New Jersey teaching certificate.
  • 3 years teaching experience (Students can start the program with less, but certification will not be conferred until the 3 years are completed.)
Average Time
1 year plus 1 semester
Program Cost
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