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Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology

Excelsior’s online technology degree options are designed for students who want to earn a career-building technology degree while continuing to meet work and family responsibilities. These technology programs help students gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied on the job in high-growth industries.

TTI offers the option of earning one of the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

The Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity is aligned with the academic requirements for Cybersecurity set by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our online cybersecurity degree program is based on input from industry leaders to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date training in areas such as cyber attacks and defenses, cybersecurity defense in depth, computer forensics, cryptography, security focused risk management, secure mobile and cloud computing and secure software development and analysis.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology meets or exceeds the same academic standards that govern IT degree programs at traditional colleges. You’ll study with outstanding faculty drawn from some of the nation’s leading IT degree programs, while gaining job-ready skills and expertise in subjects such as Computer security, Object-oriented programming, Databases, Networking and communications, Software analysis and design and Project management. You can choose the general information technology degree option, or explore our concentrations in Cybersecurity or Network Management.

Graduates are typically hired for the following positions: database and network administrator, system administrator, security analyst, data protection analyst, and network support specialist.

3 years
Financial aid is available for eligible students.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $84,580 in May 2017.

Earn your degree in Information Technology in 8 steps:

Call admissions and sign up with TTI. Membership to TTI gives students access to academic advisement and all student services.
Get started by speaking with an Academic Advisor (either in person or on the phone, based on your location) to plan your 120-credit degree plan. Get previous credit evaluated and transferred to Excelsior College and shorten the time needed to complete your degree. The 48 IT credits can be transferred to Excelsior College from a different regionally accredited college as long as they were completed within the last 10 years. IT courses can also be taken via online courses and UExcel exams at Excelsior. Excelsior awards credits for examinations taken at other vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, ORACLE etc, and additional credits from such exams may apply toward the elective component. Get previous credit evaluated and transferred, including Seminary and Yeshiva learning to Excelsior College and shorten the time needed to complete your degree.
Your advisor will help you become familiar with the many student services offered at TTI including our unique system of exams, TTI's lending library and testing locations.
Now it's time to start taking exams. Take as many as you want at your own speed. TTI has testing sites located in 16 locations worldwide. For students who do not live close to a testing site, TTI has private proctors located all over the world.
Follow your degree plan and keep taking exams or courses until you complete your degree.
Remember to speak with your advisor on a regular basis. We suggest at least once a month. Your advisor is available 6 days a week either by phone or e-mail.
Need help with financial aid? Need help with Excelsior College? No problem! Just call your advisor.
Finished? Congratulations! Time to put on that well-earned cap and gown and graduate!

TTI offers this program through its partnership with Excelsior College. Any credit or degrees described here are offered through our partner institution. TTI is not a college or university and does not offer credit bearing courses or degrees in New York State.

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