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Classes Begin: Oct 18, 2020
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Graphic designers are called upon to create the visuals that we see in every area of our lives, from magazine layouts to billboard advertisements to banners on websites. This program is best-suited to those who are interested in translating their creative skills and technical abilities into a viable career.

Our classes sit you down at the drawing board and place a strong emphasis on using your design skills.  You will learn the marketing skills necessary to deliver a successful campaign to your clients, develop and build your portfolio, and create and maintain your own website. We understand that there is no shortcut to a successful graphic design career. We offer training which will to transform your talents into a skillset enabling beginner and advanced students alike to find their own visual voice and produce top quality work for clients. In addition, we will teach the marketing skills needed to open your own business.

Upon the completion of  this TTI Career School certification, you will have much more than design skills. In addition to mastering Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, the program focuses on practical applications to ensure your success.  Students will have the option of earning 15 credits by taking college level exams on various related subjects as well as Adobe Certified Associated Exams. Upon receiving a passing grade, graduates can add Adobe Certified Associate to their credentials.

Graphic designers work in every field possible including health care, education, marketing and advertising. Demand for professionals in these areas is always on the rise.

8 months
Women's classes are held all day Sunday and 1 night per week.
Men's classes are held 3 nights per week.
Approximate Cost: $6,800
Does not include equipment and software
Starting salary: $18/hour. Graphic designers can earn an average of $40,000 for part-time work and $75,000 for full-time work, finding stable placement with schools, marketing agencies, large corporations, publishers, etc. Depending on the quality of their work, graphic designers who master their skills can reach $100,000 after years of refining their craft.

Earn your certificate in Graphic Design in 8 steps:

Register with TTI Careers.
A good laptop with internet is required. Purchase a laptop if you don't already own one.
Take classes for 2 semesters. Spend 300 hours of face-to-face instruction with licensed teachers.
Be prepared to work. Keep up with the homework schedule to hone your skills. The more you put in, the better designer you will be!
Develop your portfolio. Show your creativity!
If you choose, earn 15 credits which can be used towards a degree.
For interested students, TTI Careers will offer students internships to develop their skills, network, and potentially receive a job offer once classroom instruction is over.
At the end of the program, you will have the skills needed to take the Adobe Certified Associated Exams.

Program Features:

  • Affordable and convenient class times. Classes located in Boro Park, Monsey, and Lakewood.
  • Program is part-time; keep working while you learn.
  • Advisement in building your career.
  • Flexible schedule designed around the Yomim Tovim.

Prior Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

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