DIRFloortime® Certification
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Certificate Program
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Floortime therapy, a form of relationship-based structured play therapy, helps children with autism build emotional connections and communication skills. The intervention is called Floortime because the therapist gets down on the floor with the child to play and interact with the child at their level.

TTI has partnered with The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL) to bring our students DIRFloortime®, which is used to help children and adults with a wide  range of emotional, sensory, regulatory, motor, learning and developmental challenges.


Bachelor’s degree needed to complete the program

3.0 GPA required

Average Time
1 year
Program Cost
$100 application fee
$750 program fee for non-members or $500 program fee for members
Average Salary
Providers will have the additional skills to be able to market themselves in this burgeoning field.

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