Education and Religion
Bachelor of Education and Religion
Bachelor’s of Science
 Online Course  Self Paced For Women Only

Focus on the growth and development of children (ages birth though age eight) and the educational and care practices needed to support young children and their families with a Bachelor of Science with a Concentration in Education & Religion from Genesis University*.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

  • Recognize the cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic and physical developmental pathways of the young child.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of collaboration with families and communities when working with young children.
  • Recognize play as instrumental to children’s social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.
  • Identify and select developmentally appropriate curriculum in subject matter areas (e.g., mathematics, literacy) and the arts.
  • Select and implement instructional strategies that are developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate given specific teaching and learning contexts.
  • Distinguish between formal and informal assessments and determine the appropriate use of assessments to support teaching and learning in early childhood settings.
  • Structure developmentally appropriate learning environments that ensure children’s health, safety, and overall well being.
  • Understand the importance of ongoing professional development as teachers of the young child and childcare workers.

Ideal for students interested in pursuing a career with Headstart, P3 or a graduate program in education, social work or LBA.

*Genesis University is a nationally accredited college.

Average Time
6-10 months
You set your pace. Motivated students with transfer credits can complete this degree in 6 months.
Program Cost
Only $6800 with seminary credits.
(approximate costs)
No financial aid available.
Average Salary
On average, people with a bachelors degree earn a higher salary then those without.

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