Introductory Audio Engineer
Career School Certificate Program
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Classes Begin: Oct 10, 2021
Certificate Program
  For Women Only

Audio Engineer

Introductory Audio Engineer is for those who enjoy the combination of music and technology.  Audio Engineers create music files we use on a daily basis.

This introductory program is project-based curriculum utilizing the software Pro Tools to learn how to record, edit, mix, and output the finished session. In this program, students will demonstrate the ability to confidently work in a digital environment and operate Pro Tools. Students will create, organize, mix and deliver a completed basic mix that meets industry standard specifications with an emphasis on creativity and professionalism. At completion of this course, students will have the foundational skills to operate in a live setting. Each student will leave with a completed and unique 8 track mix. This course is a stand-alone program, and can also serve as a prerequisite for Advanced Audio Engineering.

Program Features:

  • Class is held online with live zoom classes. Classes will be recorded for students’ convenience.
  • Instructors available for weekly private review.
  • Advisement in building your career.
  • Option of earning up to 15 college credits towards a degree.
  • Flexible schedule designed around the Yomim Tovim and Jewish Calendar.

Prerequisite Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED
Average Time
7 weeks
Program Cost
Does not include equipment and software.
Average Salary
Audio Engineers can potentially earn $100K.

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