Accounting BA / MA (PCS)
Bachelor's Degree - Self Study Track
Master's Degree - Class Based Track
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Men's classes begin on September 9, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies
Master's Degree in Accounting

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and your Master’s in Accounting

Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies through Excelsior College – Self Study Track

Let TTI guide you towards your Master’s in Accounting by starting you off right with your Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with Excelsior College. This self paced/self study program will include the 18 business prerequisite credits required for the PCS Master’s in Accounting program.

Bachelor’s Program Features:

  • Self paced
  • Can be done from anywhere
  • Includes prerequisites needed for the PCS master’s program
  • The cost of the BSL is $9,300 (Financial aid is available for eligible students

Prior Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

Master’s in Accounting through PCS – Class Based Track

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, earn your Master’s in Accounting through TTI’s partnership with PCS.

PCS Program Features:

  • Best for Lakewood and Monsey students, as PCS offers sites in both locations
  • All master’s courses are offered through Farleigh Dickinson University
  • Program can be completed in 15 months
  • Begins every January
  • The cost of the master’s program is $30,000

Prior Requirements:

Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies including required prerequisite courses



BSL: 1 year; MA: 15 months
BSL: $10,900; MA: $34,850
Financial aid is available for eligible BSL students.

Earn your Bachelor's in Business and Master's in Accounting in 8 steps:

Call admissions and sign up with TTI. Membership to TTI gives students access to academic advisement and all student services.
Get started by speaking with an Academic Advisor (either in person or on the phone, based on your location) to plan your 120-credit degree plan (or more if you are interested in the CPA program.) Get previous credit evaluated and transferred, including Seminary and Yeshiva learning to Excelsior College and shorten the time needed to complete your degree.
Your advisor will help you become familiar with the many student services offered at TTI including our unique system of exams, TTI's lending library and testing locations.
Now it's time to start taking exams. Take as many as you want at your own speed. TTI has testing sites located in 16 locations worldwide. For students who do not live close to a testing site, TTI has private proctors located all over the world.
Follow your degree plan and keep taking exams or courses until you complete your BSL.
Applications to the MA program are due the August prior to the January start. Call PCS to get your application.
Attend the PCS Master's in Accounting classes at Farleigh Dickinson University.
Finished? Congratulations! Time to put on that well earned cap and gown and graduate!

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