TTI/COPE Accounting Program
Bachelor of Business with
an Accounting Concentration
Class Based
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Classes Begin: Sep 01, 2021
Bachelor’s of Business
 Classroom-based For Women Only

NY Accounting Program
Class Based

Professional Preparation in the Field of Accounting

Students begin with COPE’s General Accounting Program giving them a “taste” of accounting by completing a general accounting program that includes essential foundational courses in accounting. They continue on to Daemen College’s Advanced Study in Accounting where they complete an Accounting Certificate that includes advanced courses in accounting. Finally, students go on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Accounting Concentration through Excelsior College completing a total of 150 credit hours.

The program is designed to open a variety of career pathways in all areas of accounting. Whether you enjoy tax work, financial analysis, auditing or accounting operations, this program will have you well prepared for any direction you may choose to pursue. Graduates of this program have pursued careers as general accountants or CPAs in industry, public accounting, private practice and government.

Features of the General and Advanced Accounting Programs:

  • Professional preparation designed to open doors to industry and all areas of accounting.
  • Accounting faculty are CPAs with extensive professional practice and industry-based expertise.
  • Culturally-sensitive program delivery that respects the needs of our students.
  • Classroom-based instruction, conveniently located in Brooklyn.
  • Separate cohorts for men and women.
  • Classes for women start every September. Men’s classes begin 3 times per year.
  • Part-time; daytime and night time options designed to meet the needs of busy students and families.
  • Classes scheduled around the Yomim Tovim and Jewish calendar.
  • Short program: Only 18 months to complete both the General and Advanced Accounting components of the program.
  • Affordable tuition with financial aid and loans available based on need.

Features of the Bachelor’s Degree Program:

  • Students continue in this final stage of the program to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an Accounting Concentration, completing a total of 150 credit hours.
  • Classroom-based instruction, conveniently located in Brooklyn.
  • Take exams on subjects you know and earn the necessary credits towards this degree.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible students.
  • Students can use up to 30 credits from seminary, and 45 credits from yeshiva towards this degree.

Strong Career Placement assistance helps you find employment in the accounting profession (90% placement rate). Graduates of this combined program have gone on to serve as general accountants or CPAs in both private and public practice, as well as in many industries and government.

Eligibility for the CPA examination is determined through application and review by the State Board of Accountancy.

Bachelor’s Degree Prerequisites:

COPE General Accounting Program

*Note! Some seminary/yeshiva credits can be applied to this program

To enroll, call COPE directly at 718-506-0500

Average Time
2-3 years
Program Cost
Financial aid is available for eligible students.
Average Salary
TTI offers this program through its partnership with Daemen College and Excelsior College. Any credit or degrees described here are offered through our partner institution. TTI is not a college or university and does not offer credit bearing courses or degrees in New York State.

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