Bachelor of Science
Master of Science

TTI offers 3 programs:

In this program, students complete the coursework necessary for a bachelor’s degree in business with the option of obtaining an additional 150-credits which is required for CPA licensure.

TTI recommends this program for extremely motivated students who are capable of studying very difficult material on their own. On average, students complete the Bachelor of Science in Business degree in 2-3 years, with an additional 6-12 months for the accounting component.

Program Features:

  • Open registration; enroll anytime!
  • Self-paced. Take courses at the speed which works best for you.
  • All courses are available online.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible students.
  • Students can use up to 30 credits from seminary, and 45 credits from yeshiva towards this degree.

Prior Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

Students begin with COPE’s Jr. Accounting program giving them a “taste” of accounting. This program is part time, with both daytime and night time options. Students complete 7 courses, earning 21 credits from subjects such as computers, accounting and economics. These courses are required coursework to be eligible to sit for the CPA exams.

Jr. Accounting Program Features:

  • Class-based.
  • Part-time; daytime and night time options.
  • Short program; only 3-6 months.
  • Affordable tuition.
  • Conveniently located in Brooklyn with separate cohorts for men and women.
  • Classes scheduled around the Yomim Tovim and Jewish calendar.
  • Get help in finding employment through COPE’s job placement office (90% placement rate.)

To enroll, please call COPE directly at 718-506-0500.


Upon completion of the Jr. Accounting Program, students may continue to complete 150 credits toward a Bachelor’s in Business with an Accounting Concentration. This program is offered through TTI’s partnerships with the Excelsior College and Daemen College.  Students earn 150 course specific college credits as required for CPA licensure.

BSL Program Features:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree plus!
  • Work while you learn; classes meet every Sunday and 1 evening per week for 22 months.
  • All classes are conveniently located in Brooklyn.
  • Separate cohorts for men and women.
  • Classes scheduled around the Yomim Tovim and Jewish Calendar.

*Note! Some seminary/ yeshiva credits can be applied to this degree.

BSL Program Prerequisites:

COPE Jr. Accounting Program

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

Let TTI guide you towards your Master’s in Accounting by starting you off right with your Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with Excelsior College. This self paced/self study program will include the 18 business prerequisite credits required for the PCS Master’s in Accounting program.

Bachelor’s Program Features:

  • Self paced
  • Can be done from anywhere
  • Includes prerequisites needed for the PCS master’s program
  • The cost of the BSL is $9,300 (Financial aid is available for eligible students

Prior Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

Master of Science in Accounting

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, earn your Master’s in Accounting through TTI’s partnership with PCS.

PCS Program Features:

  • Best for Lakewood and Monsey students, as PCS offers sites in both locations
  • All master’s courses are offered through Farleigh Dickinson University
  • Program can be completed in 15 months
  • Begins every January
  • The cost of the master’s program is $30,000

Prior Requirements:

Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies including required prerequisite courses



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