TTI’s unique system of exams gives students the opportunity to earn college credits in many subjects. High school students who have completed 10th grade are eligible to take these exams. All exams can be taken at a TTI testing site. Registration for these exams is through the JSE office.

100 Exams Found

Exam SubjectDescriptionLevelCredits
1Abnormal PsychologyUpper Level3
2Anatomy and PhysiologyLower Level3
3Anatomy and Physiology with LabLower Level4
4Athletic Training and TherapyLower Level3
5Business CommunicationsLower Level3
6Business WritingLower Level3
7Child DevelopmentUpper Level3
8Chumash MeforshimBereishis, Shemos, Vayikra, Bamidbar, DevarimUpper Level5
9Chumash RashiBereishis, Shemos, Vayikra, Bamidbar, DevarimUpper Level5
10Clinical Exercise Physiology IUpper Level3
11Clinical Exercise Physiology IIUpper Level3
12College AlgebraLower Level3
13College GeometryLower Level3
14Computer Information Systems (Web Usability)Lower Level3
15Concepts in Math and Quantitative AnalysisUpper Level3
16Culinary Arts TechniquesLower Level3
17Dynamic Web DevelopmentLower Level3
18Education of Exceptional ChildrenUpper Level6
19Educational PsychologyLower Level3
20English Composition 1Lower Level3
21English Composition 2Lower Level3
22Essentials of Earth ScienceLower Level3
23Essentials of Earth Science with LabLower Level4
24Foundations of Early Childhood EducationLower Level3
25Foundations of EducationUpper Level3
26Fundamentals of ManagementLower Level3
27Gemara Advanced IChapters 1 & 3 - Bava BasraUpper Level8
28Gemara Advanced IINon-specified MasechtaUpper Level8
29Gemara Advanced Intermediate IIChapter 3 - Bava KammaUpper Level8
30Gemara Elementary IChapter 1 - Bava Basra, Bava Metzia, Gittin, Kesuvos, Kiddushin, Makkos, Succah, YevamosLower Level6
31Gemara Elementary IIChapter 1 - Bava Basra, Bava Metzia, Gittin, Kesuvos, Kiddushin, Makkos, Succah, YevamosLower Level6
32Gemara Intermediate IChapter 1 - Bava Basra, Bava Metzia, Gittin, Kesuvos, Kiddushin, Makkos, Succah, YevamosUpper Level8
33Gemara Intermediate IIChapter 1 - Bava Basra, Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Gittin, Kesuvos, Kiddushin, Makkos, Succah, YevamosUpper Level8
34Hashkafah/Jewish Thought and EthicsLower Level3
35History and Systems in PsychologyUpper Level3
36Human Growth and DevelopmentLower Level3
37Infant and Toddler Development and CareUpper Level3
38Information LiteracyLower Level3
39International BusinessLower Level3
40Introduction to ChemistryLower Level3
41Introduction to Computing and DesignLower Level3
42Introduction to HTML and CSS3Lower Level3
43Introduction to Life ProcessesLower Level3
44Introduction to MarketingLower Level3
45Introduction to PsychologyLower Level3
46Introduction to Public SpeakingLower Level3
47Introduction to SociologyLower Level3
48Introduction to StatisticsLower Level4
49Introduction to the History of Jewish LiteratureLower Level5
50Ivris Advanced IUpper Level4
51Ivris Advanced IIUpper Level4
52Ivris ElementaryLower Level8
53Ivris IntermediateLower Level8
54Jewish History Advanced IYavneh to PumbedisaUpper Level3
55Jewish History Advanced IIYavneh to GeonimUpper Level6
56Jewish History Elementary IChurban till 1948Lower Level6
57Jewish History Elementary IIPost Temple PeriodLower Level3
58Jewish MusicUpper Level3
59KesuvimMegillah with RashiUpper Level5
60KinesiologyUpper Level1
61Lashon HaKodesh ElementaryLower Level8
62Lashon HaKodesh IntermediateLower Level8
63Literacy in Early Childhood and Elementary SchoolUpper Level6
64MacroeconomicsLower Level3
65Management Information SystemsLower Level3
66Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies in Early Childhood EducationUpper Level6
67MicroeconomicsLower Level3
68Microsoft AccessLower Level2
69Microsoft ExcelLower Level2
70Microsoft PowerpointLower Level2
71Microsoft WordLower Level2
72Moadim AdvancedUpper Level6
73Moadim ElementaryLower Level6
74Motor DevelopmentUpper Level3
75Multimedia and the WebLower Level3
76Neviim MeforshimYehoshua, ShoftimUpper Level5
77Neviim RashiYehoshua, ShoftimUpper Level5
78Organizational BehaviorUpper Level3
79Pathophysiology and PharmacologyLower Level3
80Physiological PsychologyUpper Level3
81Play and Development in the Early YearsUpper Level3
82Principles of Accounting ILower Level3
83Principles of Accounting IILower Level3
84Principles of Health Promotion and EducationLower Level3
85Research Methods in PsychologyLower Level3
86Shabbos IntroductionLower Level1
87Shabbos: Advanced ConceptsUpper Level6
88Shabbos: Fundamental ConceptsLower Level6
89Shmiras HaLashon AdvancedUpper Level6
90Shmiras HaLashon Elementary ILower Level6
91Shmiras HaLashon Elementary IILower Level3
92Social History of Jewish FoodUpper Level3
93Tefillah AdvancedUpper Level6
94Tefillah ElementaryLower Level6
95The Law of Business and Business OrganizationsUpper Level3
96The Science of NutritionUpper Level3
97Yiddish Advanced IUpper Level4
98Yiddish Advanced IIUpper Level4
99Yiddish ElementaryLower Level8
100Yiddish IntermediateLower Level8

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