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  • Get personalized guidance from admission through graduation and job placement so you choose the right career and degree path.
  • Deal with one advisor for each academic program so you never feel confused or overwhelmed.


  • All of our programs are in appropriate industries for the frum man and woman.
  • Join stimulating programs and learn course material reviewed and approved by leading Rabbonim so you never compromise on your Torah values.
  • Keep your sensitivities intact with our all-male and all-female cohorts.


  • Keep college costs down by accessing our partnerships with colleges, yeshivas, and seminaries, and through our testing options.
  • Work with an academic advisor to create a cost-effective and quality education plan to fit your budget.
  • Get expert financial aid guidance and assistance.

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  • Set your own testing pace and accelerate your degree.
  • Create your own schedule with our evening, weekend, and online classes.
  • Live anywhere while studying by accessing our study materials and exams online.
  • Never neglect life responsibilities with courses and classes conveniently scheduled around yomim tovim.