Excelsior College's Bachelor's Degree In
Liberal Arts • History • Natural Sciences
• Psychology • Social Sciences

A bachelor’s degree is the first step in higher education. TTI can help you decide which degree is right for you. At TTI, you earn credits towards your bachelor’s degree through Excelsior College by taking proficiency exams in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Students can choose to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, History, Natural Sciences, Psychology or Social Sciences. You also have the option to take courses leading to a variety of certifications, and credits from those courses can be used towards your bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree (including prerequisites when necessary), you can enter a variety of graduate programs leading to career advancement. You can choose Education, Special Education, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, or continue to a graduate program of your choice. Our unique relationship with Excelsior College, and our uncompromising devotion to the unique values of our clientele have enabled us to create a successful distance learning program that is ideal for the Orthodox student. As a result of our special relationship with Excelsior College, TTI students are entitled to an exclusive tuition discount.


A knowledgeable academic advisor will conduct an initial meeting with you to assess your previous college credits, if any, and to design a degree plan leading to the completion of 120 credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Students earn 60 credits in History, Humanities, Math, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Written English, and another 60 credits in almost any topic a student would like to pursue.

The majority of credits can be earned by taking Jewish Subject Exams (JSE’s), and the core general studies requirements are earned by taking Coopersmith exams as well as UExcel exams. Distance learning courses are also available, depending on the student’s interests and prerequisite needs for graduate study.


The average amount of time it takes to complete the bachelor’s degree is one year, although some can complete the program in as little as six months.


The cost of this program is approximately $9,300. Financial aid is available for eligible students. A NY resident with 30 prior credits from seminary or yeshiva who is eligible for financial aid will pay approximately $4,000. Non NY residents eligible for financial aid will pay approximately $7,000.

  • A Liberal Studies degree will give you the ideal foundation for overall learning, problem solving, and adaptability in the workplace.
  • Obtain a broad range of knowledge and skills with a Liberal Studies degree in either Arts or Sciences.