Excelsior College’s Bachelor’s of Science in Business with concentration in Finance • General Business • Global Business
• Information Technology • Marketing
• Operations Management

In Excelsior College’s General Business program, you can gain knowledge and learn skills in preparation for a variety of employment options in the business world. Business courses include marketing, management, law and accounting. Graduates typically obtain jobs with small businesses or pursue a graduate education in finance, law, or business administration. Excelsior College’s Bachelor’s in General Business is an intensive degree program for the motivated and academically oriented student.

If you have a keen interest in the world of business, you will find a Bachelor’s degree in General Business a great entry point leading to a promising career. The degree prepares you to take on a host of roles that can eventually lead to an exciting future in business. You can use the acquired skill set to work in a marketing department, management (i.e. human resources, factory or office) as well as work your way up the executive level of all kinds of businesses.


The Business degree requires 120 credits. The 120 credits include 60 credits in Liberal Arts, 54 credits in Business, and 6 credits in free electives. Many of the liberal arts/free elective requirements can be fulfilled by taking the Jewish Subject Examinations. Other required courses include English Composition, Ethics, Algebra, Statistics, History, Economics, and Information Literacy. The 54 credits in business include CLEP examinations, Dantes, Coopersmith courses and several distance learning courses.


This program can be completed in 2-3 years.


The cost of this program is approximately $10,000. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

  • A General Business degree will help you be prepared for the competition in today’s business world.
  • Adding an Accounting concentration makes you even more desirable as an employee and gives you the education you need to get a job in one of the many areas of accounting, auditing, and internal auditing.