• I just wanted to thank TTI for making my dream possible! I was accepted into a graduate program for social work at Hunter College. I would not be able to get here without TTI. TTI made it possible by being so accomodating, flexible and accessible. Thank you!

    - Chaya Rivka G.
    New York, NY

  • I want to thank you, for creating such a program which enables Bais Yaakov girls to continue their education in a safe, Toradik, and affordable way.
    It is such a treat to study Lemudai Kodesh topics instead of taking other non-Jewish electives! Hashem should bentch you with Siyatta Dishmaya to continue all the wonderful work you do.

    - Sara B.
    Chicago, IL

  • I am a proud graduate of Daemen College and TTI’s Special Education Master’s Program. Upon graduating with my Masters degree, I immediately obtained a job teaching a self-contained class for 5th and 6th grade girls in a local Bais Yaakov. The following year I joined the school's resource room staff, and I have been employed in that position ever since. I am successful in my work in large part due to TTI. Their superb program gave me a solid foundation. I learned so much through their excellent classes, all led by professional and experienced teachers. My instructors' belief in my abilities, coupled with their encouragement and support helped me develop my full potential.

    Thank you TTI!

    - Naomi Sokel
  • I wish to commend and thank TTI and TAL especially for the Jewish subject exams and portfolio assessment, which are truly outstanding assets. They helped me learn and acquire much Torah in a way that would not otherwise have been possible. The JSE courses are also magnificent. The courses' choices of textbooks are first class. And the course guides themselves are wonderful teachers. They lead one superbly through the books' content; and their sample essays, questions and answers are brilliant.
    - Miriam H.
    Los Angelos, CA
  • Dear S.B.,

    As I approach the beginning of Graduate School I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being such a terrific advisor. You always made yourself available, reworked degree plans, patiently answered questions, and directed me on the best path towards my BA. Working with you and the entire TTI staff was a very positive experience! You enabled me to get a college degree efficiently, effectively, and in a Kadosh method.

    Whenever I hear of someone signing up for TTI I excitedly ask them if they are Zoche to have you as advisor. Your advice and experience decreased any stress I ever felt throughout the process, and I always felt confident that you could help me out. Thank you so much for getting me to this point in my journey! May you be Zoche to continue to help Klal Yisroel in such a valuable capacity in the future!

    -Aliza F.
    Cleveland, OH
  • What I like about the OTA program is that the timing of the classes and the fieldwork are tailored to accommodate people who are currently working so I didn't have to give up my job!

    -Rivka Goren

    I am very excited about the OTA program. I am unable to take the full OT course for a number of reasons and I am so grateful for the OTA course opening. It surpasses my expectations. The teachers are professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to graduating and going into the field. Thank you TTI for the program.

    - Rachel Herzog

    The OTA program is a very smart way to go. The work load is very manageable. The need for OTAs is growing and the schooling is so much easier than OT school. TTI staff are always available to help us. The class schedule is very convenient allowing for a full time job at the same time. TTI and the college really try to accommodate us in every way. I am very satisfied with my choice to join this program.

    - Miriam Katzman
  • I am a preschool teacher in a Head Start program in Staten Island, NY. I was looking for a Bilingual certification program for a long time until I found the program at Canisius from TTI. I am very happy with the program. The instructions are very easy and the professors are very helpful. I am glad that I am doing my bilingual certification online with TTI.

    - Ana Silvia Jain

    The most helpful part of this program has been working with Sima. I truly appreciate her availability and promptness whenever there was a problem or concern. She helps the program run so much smoother and makes the whole process less overwhelming. Thank you for your help!

    - Lillian Hall
  • I chose TTI and Excelsior College, because of their incredible support system and because of their willingness to design a program that worked with my schedule and ethical expectations. I am forever grateful to TTI, they have provided me the key to a profession. Now, I am working at a career I love and couldn't be more thrilled.

    - Rachel M. Tauber, CPA

    When I decided to go back to school to become an accountant, I didn't know where to turn. What school would be best for me? Where are all the relevant courses offered as self-study or online? TTI's academic advisers really gave me guidance. They sat down with me and went through the list of courses I needed (which can be complex due to constantly-changing laws). When one college didn't offer what I needed at the right time, they showed me where it was offered. Shortly before graduating I was able to find a job as an assistant to the comptroller in a private investment firm right here in Brooklyn. The job was great experience and gave me the internship credits I need for a CPA. Now I am not working while I focus on passing the exams. I am so grateful to TTI for enabling me to get this far as I pursue my dream to become a CPA.

    - Esther Cohn
    Monsey, NY
  • The Masters in Counseling with a concentration in a Applied Behavior Analysis through NSU in conjunction with TTI was invaluable to my career as a BCBA today in so many aspects. TTI helped us work with professors to ensure that we could have accommodations for shabbos and yom tov. They provided my classmates and I with guidance both regarding academics and practicum, and our adviser was there to assist us whenever necessary. I made friends through my TTI cohort that I am still in touch with long after we all completed the program (one of whom recommended me for my job). I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to pursue a career as a Behavior Analyst.

    - Rachel Binder
    Lakewood, NJ
  • Dear Raizel,

    My daughter Gitty just completed her BA through TTI and Excelsior College. I am writing firstly to thank you for the wonderful program you set up for frum girls to be able to get degree in a kosher way. I am certain that you put in tremendous kochos to assure the kedusha of our daughters and I really appreciate. May Hkb"h repay you. Also, I would like to thank you for having such a dedicated and caring staff on hand to help us through the complicated process. Gitty was lucky to have had Devorah Wasserman as her advisor. She was extremely devoted every single step of the way. There is no way we could have accomplished getting a BA is such a short time without her constant assistance. She was there to guide, encourage, problem solve, and sometimes just as a listening and supportive friend. The time Devorah put in to help us was often out of her regular "office hours". I am extremely grateful to her for all she has done.

    May you continue to have great Siyata Dishmaya in educating our children.

    - RS
    Lakewood, NJ
  • I find myself sitting at home, feeling both relieved and grateful to have finished, yet nostalgic as well. It is hard for me to acknowledge that my time at TTI is over.

    I want to thank you for always being so patient and kind and resourceful. When you had the answers, you took the time to talk, and when you did not have the answers, you knew just who to direct us to. I am going to miss the classes, the professors, and my fellow classmates-such an unexpectedly diverse group we were...different in age, culture, and previous educational experiences!

    But I am leaving with a wonderful feeling- knowing that all the time and effort I invested throughout this program has largely been recognized and rewarded; and that for all the moments of confusion, frustration over particular details, you or the professors were there to clarify things, enabling me to succeed to the extent I had wished, and maintain competitive grades.

    I entered into the program to pursue my interest in education, but I am leaving with a passion I have gained to helping children succeed. I am excited to begin my work in the field, and I look forward to seeing you again at our graduation ceremony.

    - Shayna Shaffer