• Good Morning Dr Retkinski,

    You can quote me with the following words "TTI was a catalyst for a wonderful career... It is also with absolute certainty that I recognize in my teaching staff that they are products of TTI"

    All the best,

    Ben Zion Kiwak
    NYC Title I Supervisor
    Catapult Learning, LLC
  • I find the TTI graduates who join our staff to be tremendously well prepared to meet the needs of a very diverse and unique population of Jewish students representing a cross section of the Chassidic community

    Rabbi Sholom Skaist, Principal
    United Talmudical Academy Williamsburg, Satmar
  • Bilingual Education is a significant growth area in the field of education, and TTI supports candidates who wish to add this qualification. The TTI staff is very responsive to students and supportive in helping to adhere to our stringent academic policies here at Canisius College. TTI has helped us to reach a student population that would be otherwise unaware of our program and they work hard to ensure the satisfaction of all involved. The TTI/Canisius College partnership is proving to be worthwhile, indeed.

    Nancy A Wellenzohn, Ed.D.
    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs,
    Director of Accreditation,
    Director, Educational Leadership Programs.
    School of Education and Human Services
    Canisius College

  • TTI graduates are equipped with the tools and strategies needed for them to become professional and dedicated teachers in our schools.

    Zalman M.
    Director of Curriculum
    Toras Aron and Supervisor, Tree of Knowledge
  • We proudly employ many graduates of the TTI special education program as SEITs, P3 providers and coordinators either directly or via agencies. TTI produces motivated, knowledgeable and professional educators who are culturally in tune with our students, rebbeim and teachers. These educators are valued members of our staff and contribute much to the children of this yeshiva.

    May TTI continue to see much Hatzlacha in their endeavors as they provide a vital service to the community.

    Menahel, Brooklyn