Academic Advisement

Every student needs guidance to achieve their ultimate goal; that’s where TTI’s Academic Advisors (AA’s) come into play.

“Which exams should I take?”
“Which correspondence courses?”
“Does my time in seminary count for anything toward my degree?”

Students will need these and other answers before embarking on completing their Bachelor’s Degree via our partnering colleges; an Academic Advisor will be able to provide all these answers.

TTI’s Academic Advisors are well informed about all degree requirements, partner college policies and student resources. AA’s are prepared to help students build their degree plan starting with previously earned credits and tailoring the remainder of the degree, if the student has a goal in mind.

However, students don’t need transfer credits to start at TTI. Plenty of students begin TTI with no previous college credits.

Academic Advisors are more than just guides for academic success. Navigating the maze of correspondence courses and exams can be overwhelming. TTI’s Academic Advisors will figuratively hold students’ hands throughout the process, cheer students on with their successes and even offer different direction in the rare event that the initial plan isn’t working as hoped.

TTI’s advisors are conveniently available to assist TTI students throughout the day and evening hours.

*Degrees are not bestowed independently by TTI, rather they are granted via one or more of TTI’s partner colleges..