Daemen College’s Master’s Degree in Special Education

The field of Special Education is one of the most promising and rewarding career opportunities. According to sources in the Jewish educational network, there is a shortage of Special Education teachers in Yeshivos, as required by the Federal Title I No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Students and graduates of Daemen College’s Master’s Program in Special Education have made their mark as classroom teachers and assistants, P3 providers, SEIT instructors, Early Intervention instructors, Headstart teachers, Pre-K teachers, resource room teachers, and inclusion class teachers.


The Master’s Degree in Special Education is an Alternative Teacher Certification Program in conjunction with Daemen College. This program is a full-time class-based program in which you can enroll in the Childhood Special Education track (Grades 1-6) or the Early Childhood Special Education track (Birth-Grade 2). While in the program, if you are working in New York State, you will be eligible to apply for Transitional B Certification upon completion of the first semester, which will allow you to serve as a regularly licensed teacher in many positions. Upon successful completion of the master’s program, you will be recommended for NY State Teacher Certification. You may receive certification in both tracks by taking two additional courses at the completion of the program. TTI/Daemen College offers separate women’s and men’s programs in Brooklyn. Women’s classes meet every Sunday and men’s classes meet every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The program registers a new cohort twice a year, in September and in January. In addition, at the beginning of the program, you are required to attend weeknight writing seminars to enhance your writing skills. This will help you prepare for your college work and assignments.


Prior to starting the Master’s Program with Daemen College, you must complete a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Be sure that you have completed math, science and fine arts courses in your undergraduate degree. If you are joining the Childhood track you must complete the Dantes/ DSST exam, Foundations of Education. If you are joining the Early Childhood track you must complete the Excelsior exam, Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School.


New York State has implemented the following new admissions requirements for all Graduate programs.

An applicant must:

  1. Possess a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale).
  2. Submit passing scores from taking the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  3. Participate in a personal interview.

In the event that an applicant does not possess a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or above (on a 4.00 scale), OR the applicant does not possess a passing score on the GRE then he/she should reach out to a TTI graduate advisor by calling the hotline, 877 RING TTI, ext. 11 to discuss further options. If someone has a GPA lower than 3.0 or does not pass the required exam it may be possible for he/she to still remain in the program due to different variables.


In addition to the coursework, you will be gaining valuable hands-on fieldwork experience. In order to satisfy all fieldwork requirements, you will serve as a teacher or assistant teacher for a minimum of 15 hours a week in a school setting beginning with the second semester of the Masters and continuing through the remainder of the program. All fieldwork should be with children of an age/grade corresponding to the track in which you are enrolled.

These meaningful fieldwork experiences are made up of three main components. Your first fieldwork experience, known as Mentoring, will consist of the assignment of a school-based mentor who will meet with you on an ongoing basis to assist you in developing and improving your teaching competencies throughout the school year. You will also participate in the Practicum experience in which you will assess and provide remediation for an individual child. During this part of the Master’s Program, your work will be closely supervised, which will allow you the benefit of having the guidance and feedback of a more experienced educator. The third and final stage of the fieldwork will be Student Teaching, which will take place during the latter part of the program.


This program requires attendance as a full time student for a year and a half. Women meet every Sunday and men meet two evenings per week.


The total cost for the Childhood track is $19,800 and the total cost for the Early Childhood track is $20,400.


At TTI/Daemen College, we make it a priority to help you finance your education. Financial aid opportunities include student loans, as well as grants from TEACH, EIP, Hebrew Free Loan Society and UCT. Through the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program you may be eligible to receive your degree at little or no cost.