Master of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education through NYIT

Get a Master of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education through New York Institute of Technology. This Master’s in Early Childhood Education facilitates the development of an understanding of early childhood development, curriculum design, effective instruction practices geared towards teaching young children and the integration of technology in teaching and learning. The program prepares candidates for teaching in a variety of educations settings within the birth to grade 2 levels. Upon completion of all New York State (NYS) certification requirements, this program leads to a master’s degree and eligibility for NYS initial certification in Early Childhood Education from birth to grade 2. New York State has reciprocity with many other states, thereby enabling students to receive certification in many of the United States.


Applicants entering the program must have a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA, and a GRE score of 300 or a MAT score of 400.

The program is completely online and begins once a year. Students can take three courses each semester (15 weeks) and each include required hours in classroom observation and incorporates the use of technology in the classroom such as teaching with Google Apps, creating lesson plans with Power Point etc. The last semester culminates with a student teaching experience under the guidance and mentorship of a certified teacher. With additional undergraduate courses, students will be eligible to receive additional teachers’ certificates in Childhood and Special Education.


The program is an intense, accelerated degree, and it can be completed in 18 months.


The cost of the masters program is $23,000.