Tax Preparer through the National Tax Training School

TTI has partnered with the National Tax Training School to offer students the opportunity to get licensed as a tax preparer. Students will receive personal, individual attention from their instructor who will carefully review work, patiently answer questions, and guide students through the entire course. Upon completion, students will receive 1 year of post graduate support, including full access to online annual Tax Change Bulletins, as well support from the instructors for any questions that may arise as their tax practice grows.

Coursework is designed to familiarize students thoroughly with the various federal tax forms and schedules used. This self paced program consists of 20 units that have been prepared especially for distance learning. Each of these units includes a set of practice problems similar to real life scenarios students can expect from their future clients.


Students work at their own pace, and can finish in as little as 8-10 weeks, but must be finished within one year.


The cost of this program is approximately $700.