Nutrition and Health Promotion Certification

The Nutrition and Health Promotion Certificate is designed to provide knowledge and training to people that:

1. Seek to open a private practice

2. Work with individuals seeking an education in the field of nutrition

3. Provide coaching for weight loss

It is based on an understanding of health promotion and disease prevention that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Who should enroll? Individuals working in fitness centers, health food stores, weight loss centers, wellness centers, and school foodservice. The certificate is also suited for Certified Nursing Assistants and serves as continuing education for allied health and paraprofessionals.


This 25-credit certificate program is administered online through several different colleges. Coursework includes Food Safety Foundations or ServSafe Certification, Overview of Nutrition Professions, Introduction to Health Care for Nutrition Professionals, Nutrition and Wellness, Nutrition Throughout Life Cycle, Nutrition Counseling Skill Development, Food and Culture, Weight Management Theory, Nutrition Assessment, and Clinical Nutrition. In addition to the online classes, students will engage in discussions with other students through Blackboard technology, complete research reports, and conduct science and food lab experiments from the comfort of their own homes. Students can work on the assignments at their convenience, but are bound to the deadlines that they are given by their professor.


This program can be completed in 1 ¼ years. The program begins each January and August, and students should apply at least two months prior.


The cost of this program is approximately $5,000.