TTI is the popular choice among Orthodox Jewish men and women seeking to secure a promising career path. TTI’s friendly and knowledgeable admissions team is available 6 days a week, including evenings, to answer questions. Our admissions team is here to help potential applicants make the best decisions about their education and guide them through the entire admissions process.

TTI understands the financial concerns associated with education and works hand-in-hand with students to custom tailor degree plans through our partnering universities that spread out costs over the course of their education term, not requiring payment in full, up-front.

TTI understands that decisions regarding education can sometimes be difficult and require additional time and thought. Therefore, TTI offers an option for students to begin their path toward their degree as non-members, with the option to enroll as full members later on, when they have more clarity with their educational goals.

Once enrolled, a member of the TTI admissions team will schedule a first appointment with an academic advisor, and within a few days you will be on your way to academic success.